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Ken-React® Coupling Agents (Also, some are available as powder and pellet masterbatches)

Monoalkoxy Titanates  (Click for full product list)

  • KR® TTS Titanium IV 2-propanolato, tris isooctadecanoato-O
  • KR 7 Titanium IV bis 2-methyl-2-propenoato-O, isooctadecanoato-O 2-propanolato
  • KR 9S Titanium IV 2-propanolato, tris(dodecyl)benzenesulfanato-O
  • KR 12 Titanium IV 2-propanolato, tris(dioctyl)phosphato-O
  • KR 33DS Titanium IV, tris(2-methyl)-2-propenoato-O, methoxydiglycolylato
  • KR 38S Titanium IV 2-propanolato, tris(dioctyl)pyrophosphato-O
  • KR 39DS Titanium IV, tris(2-propenoato-O), methoxydiglycolylato-O
  • KR 44 Titanium IV 2-propanolato, tris(3,6-diaza)hexanolato

Oxyacetate Chelate Titanates  (Click for full product list)

  • KR® 134SP Titanium IV bis[4-(2-phenyl)2-propyl-2] phenolato, oxoethylenediolato
  • KR 138S Titanium IV bis(dioctyl)pyrophosphato-O, oxoethylenediolato, (adduct), (dioctyl) (hydrogen)phosphite
  • KR 133DS Titanium IV oxoethylenediolato, tris(2-methyl)-2-propenoato-O
  • KR 158FS Titanium IV bis(butyl, methyl)pyrophosphato-0, oxoethylene-diolato, (adduct), bis(dioctyl)hydrogen phosphite

A, B Ethylene Chelate Titanates  (Click for full product list)

  • KR® 212 Titanium IV bis(dioctyl)phosphato-O, ethylenediolato
  • KR 238S Titanium IV bis(dioctyl)pyrophosphato-O, ethylenediolato (adduct), bis(dioctyl)hydrogen phosphite
  • KR 262ES Titanium IV bis(butyl, methyl)pyrophosphato-O, ethylenediolato, (adduct), bis(dioctyl)hydrogen phosphite

Quat Titanates and Zirconates  (Click for full product list)

  • KR® 138D Titanium IV bis(dioctyl)pyrophosphato-O, oxoethylenediolato, (adduct) 2 moles of 2-N,N-dimethylamino-2-methylpropanol
  • KR 158D Titanium IV bis(butyl methyl)pyrophosphato-O, (adduct) 2 moles 2-N,N-dimethyiamino-2-methylpropanol
  • KR 238S Titanium IV ethylenediolato, bis(dioctyl)pyrophosphato-O, bis(triethyl)amine salt
  • KR 238M Titanium IV ethylenediolato bis(dioctyl)pyrophosphato-O, bis(dialkyl)amino alkyl-2-methyl propenoate
  • KR 238A Titanium IV bis(dioctyl)pyrophosphato-O, ethylenediolato, (adduct) 2 moles of acrylato-O active amine
  • KR 238J Titanium IV bis(dioctyl)pyrophosphato-O, ethylenediolato, (adduct) 2 moles of 2 methylpropenoamido N active amine
  • KR 262A Titanium IV bis(butyl, methyl)pyrophosphato, ethylenediolato, bis(dialkyl)amino alkyl acrylate salt
  • LICA® 38J Titanium IV (bis-2-propenolato-methyl)-1-butanolato, bis(dioctyl) pyrophosphato-O, (adduct) 3 moles N,N-dimethylamino-alkyl propenoamide
  • NZ® 38J Zirconium IV 2. 2-dimethyl 1,3 propanediolato, bis(dioctyl)pyrophosphato-O, (adduct) 2 moles N,N-dimethylamino-alkyl propenoamide
  • KZ® TPPJ Zirconium IV (2-ethyl, 2-propenolatomethyl)1,3-propanediolato, cyclo bis 2-dimethylamino pyrophosphato-O, adduct with 2 moles of methanesulfonic acid

Coordinate Titanates and Zirconates  (Click for full product list)

  • KR® 41B Titanium IV tetrakis 2-propanolato, adduct 2 moles (dioctyl)hydrogen phosphate
  • KR 46B Titanium IV tetrakis octanolato adduct 2 moles (di-tridecyl)hydrogen phosphite
  • KR 55 Titanium IV tetrakis(bis 2-propenolato methyl)-1-butanolato adduct 2 moles (di-tridecyl)hydrogen phosphite
  • KZ® 55 Zirconium IV tetrakis 2,2(bis-2 propenolatomethyl)butanolato, adduct with 2 moles of di-tridecyl, hydrogen phosphite

Neoalkoxy Titanates  (Click for full product list)

  • LICA® 01 Titanium IV 2,2(bis 2-propenolatomethyl)butanolato, tris neodecanoato-O
  • LICA 09 Titanium IV 2,2(bis 2-propenolatomethyl)butanolato, iris(dodecyl)benzenesulfonato-O
  • LICA 12 Titanium IV 2,2(bis 2-propenolatomethyl)butanolato, tris(dioctyl)phosphato-O
  • LICA 38 Titanium IV 2,2(bis 2-propenolatomethyl)butanolato, tris(dioctyl)pyrophosphato-O
  • LICA 44 Titanium IV 2,2(bis 2-propenolatomethyl)butanolato, tris(2-ethylenediamino)ethylato
  • LICA 97 Titanium IV 2,2(bis 2-propenolatomethyl)butanolato, tris(3-amino)phenylato
  • Ken-React® KCM-3E™

Cycloheteroatom Titanates and Zirconates  (Click for full product list)

  • KR® OPPR Titanium IV bis octanolato, cyclo(dioctyl)pyrophosphato-O, O
  • KR OPP2 Titanium IV bis cyclo(dioctyl)pyrophosphato-O, O
  • KZ® TPP Zirconium IV 2-ethyl, 2-propenolatomethyl 1, 3-propanediolato, cyclo di 2, 2-(bis 2-propenolatomethyl) butanolato pyrophosphato-O, O
  • KZ® OPPR Zirconium IV bis 2-ethylhexanolato, cyclo(di 2-ethylhexyl)pyrophosphato

Neoalkoxy Zirconates  (Click for full product list)

  • NZ® 01 Zirconium IV 2,2(bis-2-propenolatomethyl)butanolato, tris neodecanolato-O
  • NZ 09 Zirconium IV 2.2(bis-2-propenolatomethyl)butanolato, tris(dodecyl)benzenesulfonato-O
  • NZ 12 Zirconium IV 2,2(bis-2-propenolatomethyl)butanolato, tris(dioctyl)phosphato-O
  • NZ 33 Zirconium IV 2,2(bis-2-propenolatomethyl)butanolato, tris 2-methyl-2-propenoato-O
  • NZ 38 Zirconium IV 2,2(bis-2-propenolatomethyl)butanolato, tris(dioctyl)pyrophosphato-O
  • NZ 39 Zirconium IV 2,2(bis-2-propenolato)butanolato, tris 2-propenoato-O
  • NZ 44 Zirconium IV 2,2(bis-2-propenolatomethyl)butanolato, tris(2-ethylenediamino)ethylato
  • NZ 37 Zirconium IV bis 2,2(bis-2-propenolatomethyl)butanolato, bis(para amino benzoato-O)
  • NZ 66A Zirconium IV bis 2,2(bis-2-propenolatomethyl)butanolato, bis(3-mercapto)propionato-O
  • NZ 97 Zirconium IV 1,1(bis-2-propenolatomethyl)butanolato, tris(2-amino)phenylato
  • Ken-React® SM7SN – Proprietary Zirconium IV Coupling Agent designed for graphitic interfaces

Aluminates  (Click for full product list)

  • KA® 301 Di-isobutyl(oleyl)aceto acetyl aluminate
  • KA 322 Di-isopropyl(oleyl)aceto acetyl aluminate
  • KA 489 A mixture of di-ester phosphato aluminum chelates

Ken-Stat® Antistatic Agents  (Click for full product list)

  • KS® MZ100 – 100% Active Liquid Trineoalkoxy Zirconate Based–Transparent, Permanent, Non-Blooming, Non-Moisture Dependent Antistat.
  • KS MZ60S – Powder – 60% Active KS MZ100 on Silica.
  • KS MZ60WE – Liquid – 60% Active KS MZ100 – Water Emulsifiable
  • KS N100 – 100% Active Liquid Neoalkoxy Titanate Based Antistat.
  • KS N60S – Powder – 60% Active KS N100 on Silica.
  • KS N60WE – Liquid – 60% Active KS N100 – Water Emulsifiable

Kenflex® & Kenplast® Plasticizers  (Click for full product list)

  • Kenflex A – Polymeric Aromatic Plasticizer – Dimethylnaphthalene Oligomer
  • Kenplast G – Monomeric Aromatic Plasticizer and Non-Reactive Diluent
  • Kenplast ES-2HP – Cumylphenyl Acetate Reactive Diluent for Epoxy

  • For variations on Kenflex® and Kenplast® products, contact us for more information.
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