Company Name: CALDIC Nederland B.V.
Company Address: Westerlaan 1/P.O. Box 20122
3016 CK/3001 AC Rotterdam
Main Tel.: +31 104136420
Website www.caldic.com
chamber of commerce no. 24124635
Company Contact: D.J. Oldenziel
General Manager
Cell No.: +31 654943793
Company Contact: Floris van Eijndhoven
Business Development Director
Tel No: +31(0)10 7117230
Cel No: +31(6) 30082920
Company Contact: Pieter Asselbergs
Account Manager / Specialty Chemicals
Tel No: +31(0)10 7117283
Cel No: +31 6 50622374

If you wish to contact this distributor via email, please contact Kenrich’s Customer Service at customerservice@4kenrich.com. Thank you.