Ken-React® Titanate, Zirconate & Aluminate Coupling Agents & Catalysts

Kenrich Petrochemicals, Inc.’s (“Kenrich”) Ken-React® series of titanate, zirconate and aluminate organometallics provide advancement-in-the-state-of-the-art opportunities in adhesion promotion, dispersion, exfoliation, catalysis, intumescent flame retardance, recycling, compatibilization, anti-corrosion, acid resistance, flexibilization, long term aging, etc. If you work with polymeric or construction materials – there is a Kenrich Ken-React® coupling agent that will make your product better – using and processing your raw materials more efficiently. With Kenrich being the inventor of the Ken-React® coupling agent product line, it is what we do.

Kenrich Ken-React® products are critical for producers of adhesives, advanced composites, coatings, color concentrates, concrete, cosmetics, inks, military applications, paint, plastics and rubber allowing breakthrough innovation and problem solving. The ability of Kenrich’s organometallics to couple with all material surfaces and bond dissimilar materials offers you great opportunities for manufacturing new and novel compositions.

Kenrich’s 67-years of manufacturing and materials processing know-how, from inventing and making our own plasticizers, dispersions, and specialty chemicals, titanate, zirconate, and aluminate products offers our worldwide network of customers and distributors a wide range of applications solutions backed by decades of practical experience to bring their technology to the next level.

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