Function 2 (Ti-O) Catalysis

Titanates are catalysts.

Benefits: Faster Polymer Flow at Lower Temperatures; Makes Bio-based Plastics and Films Stronger; Allows In Situ Copolymerization of Dissimilar Polymers; Causes Polymer Alloys to Become Copolymers; Allows Incorporation of Large Amounts of Post-Consumer Recycle into Virgin Plastics with No Loss In Mechanical Properties; Increased Flexibility Without Reducing Tensile Strength; Allows Usage of Higher Molecular Weight Polymers at No Sacrifice in Processing; Allows 20% Reduction of Plasticizers and Solvents; Converts MEKP Unsaturated Polyester Reactions from Exothermic to Endothermic Eliminating Micro-bubbles and Increasing Impact Strength Fourteen-fold; Provides Means to Replace Tin Catalysts and Control Rate of Cure of 2-K Thermoset Systems; Provides Finer Cell Structure for Stronger Foams; Increases Coefficient of Restitution of Golf Balls; Makes Tougher Golf Ball Covers; Gives Greater Reverse Impact of Coatings; Higher Impact Thermoplastics; Allows for the Initiation of Anaerobic Biodegradation of Conventional Oil-Based Polymers Such as PVC; Synthesis of Stronger Polymers; etc.