Titanate, Zirconate & Aluminate Coupling Agents & Catalysts for Liquid, Paste and Pellet Color Concentrates

Kenrich Petrochemicals, Inc.’s (“Kenrich”) Ken-React® series of titanate, zirconate and aluminate organometallics provide advancement-in-the-state-of-the-art opportunities for color concentrates in pellet, paste or liquid form that require dispersion of inorganic or organic pigments, dyes, metal powders, metal oxides, metal hydroxides, carbonates, sulfates, boron nitride, carbon blacks, flame retardants, azodicarbonamide, or mineral fillers in mineral oil, plasticizer silicone, elastomers or thermoplastic and thermoset polymers. Ken-React® allows in situ nano-particulate exfoliation; viscosity reduction; nano-phosphatization for intumescent flame retardance; increased conductivity; reduced levels of conductive materials to a given resistivity; greater mechanical properties; faster processing such as injection molding at lower temperatures; etc.

The ability of Kenrich’s organometallics to couple with all material surfaces via in situ proton coordination to bond dissimilar materials offers you greater opportunities for manufacturing new and novel color concentrates. For example, a small amount of Ken-React® will increase pigment reflectance making colors brighter and the elimination of air and moisture for a true continuous phase results in colors that to not fade.

Kenrich offers its customers a wide range of organometallics based on their “Six Functions”, with attentive customer and technical service backed by decades of practical experience inventing and making our own plasticizers, dispersions, and specialty chemicals to provide you the solutions you need to bring your coatings technology to the next level. If you work with coloring materials – there is a Kenrich Ken-React® that will make formulation work better – while using and processing your raw materials more efficiently.

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