Titanate, Zirconate & Aluminate Coupling Agents & Catalysts for the Military

Kenrich Petrochemicals, Inc.’s (“Kenrich”) Ken-React® series of titanate, zirconate and aluminate organometallics provide advancement-in-the-state-of-the-art opportunities for energetic compositions, solid propellants, pyrotechnics, explosives, and the advanced composites that house them during storage and in use such as ammunition cases or solid rocket fuel canisters.

The ability of Kenrich’s organometallics to couple with all material surfaces such as RDX, HMX, Graphite, and Aluminum via in situ proton coordination to bond dissimilar materials offers you greater opportunities for manufacturing new and novel military formulations and compositions. For example, Ken-React® LICA® 12 has been characterized in a JANNAF paper as a coupling agent for RDX/CAB 19-Perf LOVA compositions produced under the Insensitive Munitions (IM) Program (US 6,197,135). Certain pyrophosphato titanates have been shown to control burn rate and burn rate exponent of solid rocket fuel (US 5,753,853), while others have improved the original and aged properties of fiberglass reinforced PP and graphite reinforced epoxy compositions – and have been proven superior to silanes.

Kenrich offers its customers a wide range of organometallics based on their “Six Functions”, with attentive customer and technical service backed by decades of practical experience inventing and making our own plasticizers, dispersions, and specialty chemicals to provide you the solutions you need to bring your energetics technology to the next level. If you work with military-related materials – there is a Kenrich Ken-React® that will make your formulation or composition work better – while using and processing your raw materials more efficiently.

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